Despite the popularity of our initial design, in early 2018 we went back to the drawing board to refine and improve our core product.  

Building on the success of our initial watch designs, the new version of each line is based on over two years of customer feedback and real-world testing. In addition to improvements listed in the below image, all of the features that made the original Vaer watch amazing have been maintained or improved. This includes 100m depth rating, screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, USA Assembly, Swiss movement, and two bands included with every watch.

Below we’ll outline the improvements, as well as share some photos illustrating the new changes.

Case Adjustments

While we’ve maintained the same diameter and thickness of the case, we’ve done a lot of work to smooth the edges for a much more refined feel overall. The body of the case is now curved, and it flows into the bezel on the top end and the caseback on the bottom end with much more fluidity. This means that even at the same thickness, the newer designs appears more slim. The curvature also helps the watch slide under a sleeve or a wetsuit much more easily.

The case lugs have been slightly elongated -- this enables more space to place and slide through straps. On our original design, we leveraged curved springbars to create space for sliding through leather straps -- the new lug design eliminates this need, allowing straight spring bars to be used.

We loved the brushed finish on our first design, so we’ve kept that on the majority of the body, while strategically adding chamfering on the lugs and bezel. These small areas of polished finish  give the watch an elegant feel while still maintaining overall ruggedness.

In addition to case adjustments, we’ve also slightly modified the shape of our crown for both aesthetic and ergonomic purposes. Instead of the crown terminating at a 90 degree angle with the case, as it is in the current design, we’ve added in an angled finish. This makes for easier grip on the crown.

Date Window  

To further increase functionality of our Field Watch, we’ve added a date window. We’re incredibly excited to have this as a feature, as it’s something we’ve been looking for in personal use of our watches.


Due to the additional of the date window on our Field, watch, we now use two separate types of movements. Each are Swiss Made, with 5 jewels for ultimate precision.

The Field Watch uses a Swiss Ronda 715 movement with date

The Vaer Classic watch uses a Swiss Ronda 763 movement.


We’ve bumped up the strength of lume on watches across the board. Below is an outline of lume application for each watch. We’ve varied lume application based on a number of factors from functional need to aesthetics.