As Vaer has grown, the support of thousands of Vaer customers has empowered us to expand of our product offering beyond our core USA Assembly Quartz Lineup.

Our goal in starting Vaer was to build durable, well-designed wristwatches that both aesthetically and functionally would holdup to years of everyday use. Easily interchangeable bands, dependable underwater capability, top-tier movements, scratch-resistant glass and steel, and simple historically informed dial designs and proportions were things we committed to as hallmarks of our brand.

Nothing has changed.

The backing we've received from our early-adopters over the past 3 years has enabled us to continue pushing the boundaries of quality and character in our watches. The time, energy, and resources we've put into our watch designs has yielded a huge improvement in product quality at a very small price increase - cost of goods has increased by over 200%, while our retail price has increased by less than 30%. Here's how we've invested in our product since launch:


  • V1 Vaer Classic Launches at $149 - 10ATM, Swiss Ronda Quartz, 2 Nato-style bands, Sapphire Crystal, Screwdown Crown and Caseback
  • Launch of Made in USA Leather Straps


  • Introduction of the Vaer Field Watch - Builds on Vaer Classic features, but adds stronger C1 lume and Date function
  • Refinements to the V1 Case Design, adding brushed caseback and logo on crown
  • Launch of the vastly improved V2 Vaer Case Design - improved shape and ergonomics, subtle rounding, highlight chamfering, improved crown fit, and use of double gaskets on all seals.
  • Introduction of Made in USA Horween Leather straps as a premium upgrade.
  • Shift to full USA Assembly for all watches - with price increase to $165 for most models


  • Introduction of the Vaer Heritage Watch - Builds on Vaer Classic and Field, with more refined hands, more readable dial design and improved lume
  • Upgrade to V2 Horween strap as standard leather across all models - laser cut sides (for smoother finish), laser logo engraving on back, improved hardware, two piece quick-release strap options.
  • Upgraded Hardware on the Nylon Nato-Style Straps (a heavier, more premium buckle)
  • Launch of the Vaer Automatic line (including the first ever Swiss Made Vaer) - with retail ranging from $449 to $899 for the limited edition ETA-powered Dirty Dozen.
  • The launch of our two piece quick-release nylon strap design
  • The launch of our two piece quick-release silicone strap
  • Introduction of the Vaer Design Watch - Carrying over the core durability features of our top selling field watches, while offering a more contemporary German minimalist aesthetic.
  • Introduction of the Vaer Standard Issue Line - a new entry level Vaer model designed as a capable and affordable "beater watch" - retailing at $129.
  • Upgrade to 5-layers of BGW9 SuperLuminova on all US and Swiss Assembled models
  • Upgraded single-domed sapphire glass on all USA assembled quartz watches.
  • Inclusion of certificate of authenticity signed by the assembly technician on all USA and Swiss assembled models.

We've come a long way in a short amount of time, and we have no plans of slowing down, with a long-list of new product launches planned for 2020. However, with so many recent releases we thought it would be helpful to spend some time clarifying our current lineup across different price points and categories.

A Vaer Watch for Every Budget

Here is a quick breakdown of our new product hierarchy:

Automatic (A5, A7, A12) = Our premium offering for enthusiasts and collectors
Custom Built Quartz (C5) = Our core offering blending of value and functionality
Standard Issue Quartz (S5) = Our value offering for younger and casual buyers

Why did we create a more budget-friendly quartz option?

Despite garnering over 500 enthusiastic reviews on our original USA assembled custom built quartz models, and winning praise from dozens of editorial outlets, we also received periodic feedback in emails, social media comments, and in-person feedback from prospective buyers challenging us on why someone would spend a premium on a Vaer quartz when they could buy XYZ brand for $50 less (though with inferior features).

While we always responded with an argument on the value of our best-in-class case design with locking screwdown crown, our Swiss Made movements, and the prestige of full American Assembly, we also realized that there are a lot of casual buyers that simply didn't prioritize these features as much as our core audience.

We created the S5 line to quiet critics by offering the best value quartz watch at the sub-$130 level price range. Casual and first-time watch buyers deserve a good quality watch too, and we believe that this model (which maintains almost all the functionality of our top-tier Autos) will be the perfect gateway drug into the world of watch enthusiast.

Why Improve a Best Seller?

With the new S5 taken on the mantle of the Vaer entry-level option, we were able to invest more resources into making our USA Assembled quartz watch a truly premium quartz offering. The entire USA Assembled C5 line will now come standard with single domed sapphire crystal, 5x painted lume, and a certificate of assembly signed by the American technician that built your watch.