There’s nothing that speaks to the soul quite like a strike mission to Baja. Our friends Connor and Alex recently made their way down south to search for some waves and a bit of adventure, and they found the goods.

There are countless incredible breaks across Southern California, so why do surfers still make the trek across the border? With plenty of land to camp on, dirt roads to explore, and empty spots to surf, it’s a perfect escape from the packed breaks up north — plus access to the best pastor tacos you’ll ever eat.

It’s a solid 2-3 hours from LA to the border, and another hour past the border to get out of Tijuana, but once you make it down, it all becomes worth it. There’s a feel of freedom that goes with cruising the Baja coast, and there’s only one way to access it.

Quick tips -- They say it’s safer than ever these days, but we always try and avoid driving through Tijuana at night just for a little more peace of mind. Crossing the border into Mexico is usually pretty casual (leave your party favors at home), but the way back out can often involve a 5+ hour line. For a quick crossing, head out at dawn and get to the border before the crowds make their way back out. Enjoy!

Check photos from their trip for a quick snapshot of their Baja Mission, below.